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Delivery and IVF in the US two citizenships for your children

The only company that has a gynocologist and pediatrician within the company!

Visa to the U.S.A. Experience over 10 years!

We are trusted!

The company Miami-Mama started in the organization of labor in 2004 on the west coast of the US in California, Washington, Oregon, and further expanded its activities into the East Coast. According to statistical indicators and reviews the company "Miami-Mama" is the most successful and dynamic in this type of service! Due to the successful development and uptake of services, in 2009 we officially opened a branch company in Miami. It is possible to check the date of creation and registration of any firm in Florida, on this website: http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName

"Miami Mama" is the first company in Miami opened for Russian women who want to give birth to their child in the best climate and with the best quality of health care. We offer our customers a high quality service based on our years of experience in the organization and maintenance of births in the United States.

The question of which doctor to choose is also a major factor in the organization of labor in the United States and post-natal care. All clients of our company are able to choose a doctor appropriately qualified and most suitable for your particular case of the whole nomenclature of doctors cooperating with our company.

Professional Russian doctors, gynecologist and pediatrician - employees of "Miami Mama" - will help you choose the best gynecologist in Miami, based on the features of the course of your pregnancy.

An equally important aspect of the organization of labor is the people who will be working along side with you to help you and resolve various issues. For you, we have created a cohesive and effective team of 30 employees. This is one of the strengths of our company, as you will be accompanied by Russian doctors and nurses retrained in the United States who have passed examinations in the United States and Russia and have confirmed their diplomas, as well as licensed medical interpreters, experts in finding housing, drivers, assistants, English teachers.

At "Miami Mama" our medical department is run by professional Russian doctors - a gynecologist Catherine M and pediatrician Margaret A.

They, along with other medical staff will accompany future mothers to the doctor.

Successfully tuned logistics is also an integral part of our company. We guarantee that we will get you to labor and delivery at any time. Our Company has a dedicated employee who answers the phone at any time and is ready to leave to go with you to the hospital 24/7. We provide coordinated logistics for the convenience of our clients - trips to the doctors offices and the hospitals, to shops, activities, excursions.

Validity of documents give you a choice: either shortly after birth fly back home or stay in sunny Florida and ensure your newborns health with Florida’s best pediatricians! The company "Miami Mama" ensures registration of all documents within 6 weeks after the birth of your child. We have established contacts and knowledge in the field of registering documents, and the company ensures that all documents will be received in time.

Our clients are people of different classes and status in society: wives of politicians and businessmen, government officials, pop stars and people in show business, sports stars and others. This calls for full confidentiality of the arrival and birth stories. Our company has good experience in full compliance with "incognito" patient at her request when it is in the hospital and among employees. In other cases, mothers get to know each other and become friends for your entire stay in Miami and in the future, upon returning home.


The choice of the hospital, as well as the choice of a doctor, is a crucial moment in the organization of delivery and follow-up.

Before choosing where you will give birth, ask the following questions:

  • Will my labor be conducted by a licensed physician of the highest level?
  • Is there a 24 hours anesthesiologists on site where I will be giving birth?
  • Will there be a health examination for my child after birth?
  • Will my baby be seenimmediately by a pediatrician after birth?
  • If a neonatologist is needed, will there be one?


Choose a HOSPITAL — if you answered "YES" to every question!
Choose NATURAL BIRTH CENTER — if you answered "NO" to every question!

In the US, natural birth centers are places that do not have the necessary equipment, no gynecologists, no anesthesiologists, no pediatricians, neonatologists, no ultrasound equipment or apparatus CTG, all births are accepted by midwifes. These centers have a bad reputation because they have a high percentage of birth defects.

If something went wrong at a birth center, the pregnant woman is taken to the nearest hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. Ten to fifteen minutes of transporting to the can cost the life of an infant. Refer only to the hospital for childbirth! Remember that you’re health and your baby's health is the most important thing!

The company "Miami Mama" is not cooperating with the birth center we work only with trusted doctors of a higher category and with the best hospitals in South Florida!

CAN I ...?

Sometimes we hear from our customers following question: "Can I come to America and get financial support from the United States to give birth to a child in America?" In other words: "Can I have a baby at the expense of the American state?"

This cannot be done because the person, who applies for social assistance from the state in the form of "Medicaid" or other similar programs, thereby declares that they have no money and are seeking help in the form of medical expenses from the government of the United States. It turns out that the person who files for social assistance is deceiving the American state. In the future when another visa will need to be obtained for re-entry into the United States you might find yourself in a mixed up situation and the US will not issue you a new visa. This is a form of “cheating” when obtaining a new visa you must prove to the United States Embassy that you are financially stable but with obtaining Medicaid the complete opposite happens – it will prove that you cannot financially support your trip and have already asked for financial help from the US government in the form of medical bills. This situation will make it difficult in the future to obtain a visa.

The most negative aspect of getting this kind of "social assistance" from the state lies in the fact that you are obtaining insurance for low-income families provided by tax payers once you use it to give pay for your child’s and your medical expenses you loose the right to re-enter the US in the future. The fact that all the information of the applicant (passport and visa) is passed to the federal database, and then - to the US Consulate and the applicant falls into the so-called "black list". Refusal of a visa due to the fact that the applicant misguided the Consulate and used taxpayers' money to cover their own medical expenses, stating in the primary visa that they are completely financially secure.

Beware of various kinds of cheap proposals that are based on deception of the US government, because they rely on social assistance.
The company "Miami Mama" will provide you with a package of documents from the doctor and the hospital that states your financial obligations have been fully implemented and paid off.

In the future, it will help you in obtaining a visa to the United States. This set of documents will be required during the passage of the interview at the US embassy, when you once again apply for a visa to the United States. In the subsequent entry into the US, you need to have with this package of “zero balance letter” will help you confirm to the immigration officer that you did not use social assistance.